Israel fires rockets at Gaza, death toll rises to 32

Israel, on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, rockets were fired at targets in the west bank and Gaza strip, bringing to six people to life. Since the use of violence in the region on Tuesday oplaaide now, 32 people lost their lives. Previous strikes by Israel have also focused on the aims and goals of the terrorist organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).

Medical professionals in the area say that the attack was, among others, a woman and a child’s life, and that twelve people were injured.

In the meantime, there is a cease-fire agreed to by the parties. According to a correspondent for Reuters, it seems that this is to a large extent complied with since 4: 30 am, it is only a single rocket was seen.


Onlookers are clear of debris after the Israeli attack on the commander of the Islamic Jihad

Conflict began after the death of SUCH commander,

The opgelaaide is a conflict, the most violent conflict in the region, in terms of months, and began only after Israel, Tuesday, commander, Baha Abu Al Atta, of the SOCIETY, killed in an air strike on his home in the west bank and Gaza strip. Israel held him responsible for a series of rocket – and-droneaanvallen, and the planning of new attacks.

Ultimately, the SOCIETY responded to the death of their commander and firing about a hundred rockets into Israel. A lot of these bullets were stopped by the luchtafweersystemen, but still there was a missile dropping on a motorway just outside the port city of Ashdod.

On the other hand, targeted Israel and the goals of SOCIETY in Gaza. The army has since Wednesday, continued. It came, according to Palestinian sources, at least twelve people were killed. On the Israeli side have been, as yet, no casualties have been reported.

The iranian-backed PIJ are known and if a more radical group than Hamas. The militant Palestinian movement, Hamas, said on Tuesday that the death of Al-Atta was not remained unpunished, it will continue to be, but it has not actually been answered by a counter-attack.


Rocket from Gaza hits almost a car on an Israeli highway,


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