Israel accuses Obama to help administration, crafts, push-UN rebuke


Israel’s government publicly accused, to help the Obama administration on Sunday, to condemn, to create and push the recently adopted resolution of the United Nations, the settlement activities, is involved with a top official told Fox News that they have “ironclad ” information” about the US government.

“We have ironclad information from sources in the Arab world and internationally, this was a deliberately impetus by the United States and, in fact, they have contributed to the fact that the resolution in the first place,” David Keyes, a spokesman for the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said on Fox News’ “America’s News HQ.”

The allegation marks a new escalation in the Netanyahu government as a response to the U. N. security Council vote on Friday. The decision by a U.S. abstention, a decision Netanyahu has described as “shameful.”

The White house already, President Obama has taken recognized the decision to forego the US Ambassador Samantha Power. Unclear the Obama administration was in the craft and shoved the resolution itself, which was first set up, of Egypt, and then followed, new Zealand, Malaysia, Senegal, and Venezuela.was involved

The White house has not yet responded to the Netanyahu government is the last criticism that the Prime Minister’s remarks Sunday before a gathering of Ministers.

Netanyahu said that while the US and Israel for decades, divided over settlements, they had an understanding that such an action would make in front of the U. N. security Council, the peace, the negotiations more difficult.

“As I Minister] said [outside of state John Kerry on Thursday, the friends not friends of the security Council,” Netanyahu said.

He said pointedly, he looks forward to working with the new Donald Trump the government when it takes office next month. He said he was encouraged by Israel’s friends in the United States,” criticized the resolution, said: “you understand how reckless and destructive”.

Keyes also told Fox News on Sunday that Israel was “deeply disappointed” by the resolution and the Obama administration’s abstention.

“I think what we are seeing is an abandonment of Israel and a renunciation of a long-standing American policy,” he said.

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President-elect, Donald Trump


Israel’s foreign Ministry, meanwhile, said it began with the convening of the ambassadors of the countries that voted for the resolution, also from the permanent members of the security Council — Russia, China, Britain and France. The US Ambassador was not summoned, because it had abstained and not voted in favour of it, according to Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon.

“We will do everything in Israel takes so emerges unscathed from this shameful decision,” Netanyahu said.

The resolution, which condemned Israeli settlement activities in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, sparked outrage in Israel and led to a new low in relations between Netanyahu and Obama. Israel has accused Obama of collusion with the Palestinians against the Jewish state.

The resolution of the immediate impact appears to be largely symbolic, but Israel fears it could open the door to an increase in the international steps, including economic measures. Much of the international community considers the settlements illegal or illegitimate and an obstacle to peace.

In addition to the measures, said on Sunday that Israel has recalled its Ambassador to new Zealand and Senegal, for consultations and cancelled a planned February visit to Israel from Senegal’s Minister of foreign Affairs. A visit by the Ukrainian Prime Minister has also been cancelled, in terms of their support for the U. N. vote and Israel has pledged to cut millions of shekels in funds to certain U. N. agencies.

President-elect Trump had intervened last week, after the Israelis appealed to the supposedly it. Trump came out against the resolution, after a vote was postponed, the security Council has gone ahead with the idea, and approved it on Friday.

Trump afterwards tweeted: “things will be different after Jan. 20.” He later tweeted that the vote “is there to negotiate much harder for peace.” But, he added, “we are anyway.”

Kerry said continued of Israel, and increasingly tries to build more settlements in the region, the East-Jerusalem, and the risks of the so-called “two-state solution” between the Israelis and the Palestinians, who also claim the region.

“The United States has traded with a primary goal: the preservation of the possibility of the two-state solution, which every US administration for decades, the only way to a just and lasting peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians,” Kerry said Friday. “Two States is the only way that Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state, living in peace and security with its neighbours, freedom and dignity for the Palestinian people.”

He also said that the administration does not agree with “every aspect” of the resolution, but that it “condemned the violence” and calls on both sides, constructive steps to reverse the current trends in advance, and the prospects for a two-state solution.

Netanyahu did not mince words on Saturday, in response to what he described as “shameful.”

Netanyahu said the U. S abstention “in stark contrast” to U.S. obligations-including one that he said Obama made in 2011-not to the imposition of conditions for a final agreement on Israel in the security Council. “The Obama administration N. led a shameful anti-Israel ambush at the U.,” Netanyahu said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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