Islamic State vows to seek revenge for the death of the leader, Al Baghdadi

The islamic State (IS) and swear to the death of the leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, to seek revenge, reports that the terrorist group on Thursday by the group’s associated press Amaq. Al Baghdadi came out on Saturday to get killed in a U.s. operation in the Syrian province of Idlib.

In the statement on Thursday, the first since the death of Al-Baghdadi. The news of his death was the 27th of October, to come out of the United States of america. Before Al Baghdadi was arrested by U.s. commandos, he blew himself up with a bomvest, according to the American.

The Us president, Donald Trump announced Tuesday that it’s likely to substitute for Al Baghdadi, Abu Al Hassan Al Muhajir, had been killed in a U.s. airstrike elsewhere in Syria. It IS also confirmed his death.

The group reported Thursday that Al-Baghdadi’s successor, Abu Ibrahim Al Hashimi Al Qurashi is called. This man has been nothing to come out. The name is not well known to experts in the field. They suspect that he may have been a key person in the organization was, and is, rather, a different name would be used.

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