Isinbayeva evil on whistleblowers in Russian dopingzaak


Isinbayeva evil on whistleblowers in Russian dopingzaak

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Yelena Isinbayeva has failed to whistleblowers in the Russian dopingzaak. The two-time olympic champion in pole-vaulting will find that the whistleblowers to the authorities would have steps, instead of going to the media.

“I have a number of questions: Why inform the competent authorities, in place of things with a hidden camera to film and the images sell? And why are athletes again being accused without proof?”, writes the 34-year-old Russian on Instagram.

The now stopped Isinbayeva was last month appointed to head the new supervisory board of the Russian antidopingbureau RUSADA. They now respond to a documentary of the German tv station ARD on doping in Russia, which Sunday was broadcast.

In the documentary with a hidden camera recorded that the suspended coach Vladimir Kazarin during a training of the athlete Artem Denmukhametov was present in the sports hall.

The German journalist Hajo Seppelt spoke with the Russian athlete Andrey Dmitriev on due to doping suspended athletes and coaches. “There would be change, but these people are still in the sport actively,” said Dmitriev, speaking on Kazarin.

Previously fled whistleblowers Vitaly Stepanov and Yuliya Stepanova to the United States. Russian athletes may still not be in international competitions like the olympics of association of athletics IAAF because of a research of wereldantidopingbureau WADA, which showed that there is a state-supported dopingnetwerk was in Russia. .

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Isinbayeva will find that the accusation of a state driven dopingnetwerk in Russia for a further explanation ask.

“In my opinion, we must first define what the word ‘is’ means,” said the former athlete. “Is that the president and his subordinates, or any resident of the Russian state?”

Isinbayeva stressed that clean athletes suffer from dopingzondaars. “I am against all forms of doping and against the people who have the doping rule violation”, assured the Russian. “But I am also against them without evidence and without reason, the guilty and innocent athletes at a lot of sweeping and everyone to blame.”

“And that is exactly what happens with the fine athletes in our country, by people who themselves have failed in their sports career.”


Isinbayeva wants to stand up for the interests of the honest athletes in her country. “I declare that there are clean athletes were, are, and will remain in Russia. It is my goal to prove it.”

“In our country there is a large number of honest and clean athletes, who are willing to talk about it. Unfortunately, are victims of failed athletes who are doping regulations have been violated and that way money wanted to earn.”


The Russian association of athletics announces Wednesday that they have massive cancellations at a recent atletiektoernooi going to investigate. Announced doping controls would be a lot of Russian athletes have been to short for the tournament in Orenburg. How many athletes are involved, is not known.

“There is information that only a part of the athletes is published”, says president Dmitry Sjljachtin of the Russian association of athletics. “We have immediately responded and an investigation.”

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