Isa Hoes want to be less hard on themselves

Isa Hoes want to be less hard on themselves

Actress Isa Hoes want to be less hard on themselves. Three months ago, the actress ‘folded’ and since then she knows that otherwise they should live.

Writes that Case today in a post on Instagram.

Cover explains in her post why they collapsed. That connects them to events from her youth: “At primary school I was a classmate kicked and beaten. Always if no one saw it or with others that lafjes wegkeken. But I did nothing.”

That had an impact: “I imploded, had every day abdominal pain and wanted no more to school. However, I lived in my fantasy world. But wait, I thought, when I grow up, I am a very good actress!”


But even then, Cover actress was she remained sharp and hard for themselves. “All those years I went through but I found that the better had to and could do better. Perfectionism? No, I was just a hard worker ” I said.”

The actress says that after the death of her husband, Antonie Kamerling harder work than ever. “Up until three months ago. I clapped each other and saw suddenly what I had done; survive instead of live. Understandable, but I couldn’t.”

Cover now wants to change: “No longer hard, but soft to myself and the world around me. Not as a perfectionist but just to live, enjoy and trust what is there. Each other again to really look at and feel, not the transience and superficiality. That is also what my children want to give; the rat race, the pressure of ‘mooigemaakte’ social media; it is all not true!”

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