Is sleeping with an open window is healthier?

Everyone is in the morning prefer to wake up rested. Has the do or do not sleep with an open window affect your sleep?

According to slaaptherapeut and somnoloog Ingrid Verbeek is the ideal slaapkamertemperatuur between 15 and 20 degrees. “To a good night’s sleep, you should be comfortable with the temperature. If your body is too cold or too hot, it can cause a fitful sleep and many waking up.”

Therefore, it can vary from person to person, or an open window is a good idea for a good night’s sleep, thinks Verbeek. “Some people have it easy and others are koukleumen. Therefore, it is an open window, no guarantee for a better night’s sleep.”

“An open window is not a guarantee for a better night’s sleep.”
Ingrid Verbeek, slaaptherapeut and somnoloog

Also the place where you live or affect your better with an open or closed window can sleep. “There may be noise or more light into your room if you open the window. With those circumstances you also need to consider.”

“Bedroom is only ventilated space

Or you at night or during the day: the airing of the bedroom is important. “The bedroom is often the only ventilated room in the house,” says Remon Jonker, consultant, environment and health, municipal health service Amsterdam. “Your window wide open is smart, because your bedroom should be well ventilated.” That agrees Verbeek: “The ventilation of your room is important. Always do this well, and during the day. Then choose the night before what you are comfortable with.”

It is thought that the window open at night in order for the CO2 to sleeping people emit to make them disappear. But the CO2 levels in a bedroom, according to Jonker negligible and can do no wrong. “There is always enough oxygen in a room”.

“Ventilation is important for preventing mold in the bedroom.”
Remon Jonker, GGD Amsterdam

Ventilation is important for many other reasons. One of them is the prevention of mold, says Jonker. “You produce the night a lot of moisture, for example sweat. It may therefore in case of insufficient ventilation, moisture in the room. Moisture can also lead to a lot of dust mites. That’s why you should always have your bed and opening and not formatting.”

Also, there may be all kinds of substances in the air that are good to out of the room to blow, says Jonker. “Think of possibly present viruses. But also to volatile organic compounds. These are substances which, in new construction and new furniture, carpeted floors and laminate release. They cause an unhealthy air, leading to complaints may result in some of them, such as in patients with asthma. Also scented candles, incense and air fresheners make for unhealthy substances in the air.”

With poor ventilation, it may become moist in the bedroom. (Photo: 123RF)

How do you get fresh air in your room?

If you go at night fresh air in your room, sometimes have to search a bit. Jonker: “A vent is useful, but such a grid is quite small and often clogged. Also, there is usually only air in through the grate when the wind is blowing or if there was something else compared to open.”

Therefore, there is a window ajar is a good option if the spot allows. “Who is along a busy road to live in can be a window to better keep associated with the particulate matter.”

Also, some people their window prefer not to open want to do in connection with noise or inbraakgevaar. “Then put for example your room door open or something on the back of the house. If all that is not possible, is skies before you go to sleep or after, so also good.”


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