IS leader Al Baghdadi spread of years of death and destruction

The most wanted terrorist in the world, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, is, in the night from Saturday to Sunday, had been killed in a targeted American attack. The brutal leader of the terror group’S spread in particular in Iraq and in Syria, for years of death and destruction.

Al Baghdadi was born in Awad Al Samarrai in 1971, in the Tobchi. That is, it is a poor region, near the city of Samarra, north of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, where the former IS the leader of the self-named.

His family consisted of ministers of the ultraconservatieve Salafi movement within sunni islam. The adherents of this school consider the other moslimstromingen as a pagan and a non-islamgerelateerde religions, they find it even more reprehensible.

Al Baghdadi was, in 2003, the salafi-jihad. In which year was the US-led troops to Iraq. The Americans took him up on it, but it left him a year later and once again be free, because they are Al Baghdadi is not perceived as a military threat.


Al Baghdadi, killed, according to He himself, and three children bomvest

Al Baghdadi announced the restoration of the caliphate in Mosul.

Recently, on July 4, 2014, attracted Baghdadi is again in the spotlight, and when he was in the Al Nuri mosque in the Iraqi city of Mosul during Friday prayers for the restoration of the caliphate announcement. “God has commanded us to fight against his enemies, and to fight,” he said. The leader proclaimed himself as ” Caliph Ibrahim, the leader of the believers.”

Thousands of people from all over the world went then to Iraq and Syria to “Jund al Khilafa’ (soldiers of the caliphate) is to be used. She had wanted Al Baghdadi to support it in its fight against the shi’a government in Iraq against the U.S. and western allies.

At the height of it IS in 2016, it was with the terror group millions of people into an area that ran from northern Syria to the outskirts of Baghdad.

Beyond that, knew the group of death, and the destruction of society. Thus, it claimed responsibility for the attacks in dozens of cities, including Paris, Nice, Orlando, Manchester, London, and Berlin, germany. Even in countries that are predominantly muslim, have been terrorist attacks committed in the name of, as in the case of Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

In Iraq, dozens of attacks took place, especially in areas with a lot of global warming. The worst attack took place in July of 2016, when a truck was blown up in a busy street in Baghdad. It had more than a hundred people were killed; in the most deadly attack since the U.s. invasion of Iraq.

Also, in the north-east of Syria, on the other, many attacks have been made. That area was under the control of the Kurds, who were supported by the united states.


Iraqi state television shows the attack’S leader, Al Baghdadi

Al Baghdadi shy to the outside world

Al Baghdadi, appeared to be very rare in the world. Due to the audio recording from the show, he could get his followers to reach, and out of the hands of the patrol units and air power alone, which is more than forty and the other IS leaders were killed.

Not only did Al Baghdadi is very shy, but he was also ruthless. He was eliminating the opponents and former allies, and even within its own ranks. So, he launched a war against Al Nusra, the Syrian wing of Al-Qaeda.

IS it lost in the march of 2017, however, the power to Mosul, which had been considered to be the capital of the caliphate was to be appointed. With the loss of the city was in the group and all of its fields in Iraq, which it controls, will be lost.

The second is the capital of the caliphate, with the Syrian-Raqqa, he became later on, and will also be lost. Earlier this year, lost his last stronghold, as he was concerned, with the support of the U.S. Baghouz were.

According to experts, is certainly not completely turned off

Although there IS no areas under the control of the group, according to the experts, is certainly not completely eliminated. It has sleeper cells all over the world, and some of the warriors carry will still attack Syria, and Iraq.

In his latest audio message in september, saying Al Baghdadi, the activities of which IS still continued, and that the women who are trapped in Iraq and Syria because of their alleged support to the terrorist group were needed to be made.

“What is the most important subject in the history of the prison, oh, oh, soldiers of the caliphate. You are my brothers and sisters, do all you can to keep them clean and the walls that hold them down,” said Al Baghdadi was back then.

Al Baghdadi was standing on the flight

Himself, he was not arrested, but he had been standing on the flight because it WAS hardly even its own territory, it had. Al Baghdadi was a continuous blur of traveling to and from the place of residence change through the cars and pick-uptrucks. In addition, he was only accompanied by his driver and two bodyguards. He was able to communicate with the two main Iraqi consultants, and his defense minister Iyad Al Obaidi, and his head of security, Ayad Al Jumaili, only to rely on a handful of carriers.

With the knowledge that Al Baghdadi is becoming less and less direction was, were the Americans the recent period of time has become increasingly important to him. On Sunday, he came to his end by his own blow on a targeted American attack.

Al Obaidi, and Al Jumaili, were for a long period of time is regarded as the most likely successors of Al-Baghdadi. The latter, however, was killed in april of 2017. The residence of Al-Obaidi is still unknown.

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