“IS has all the bridges in Mosul blown up

“IS has all the bridges in Mosul blown up

Photo: AFP

Organization IS IS Friday all the usable bridges in Mosul on the river Tigris blown up.

Reports that Al Arabiya Friday.

Iraqi troops now have 70 percent of the eastern part of Mosul retaken on Islamic State (IS). The Iraqi general Talib Shaghati argued last week to expect that Eastern Mosul in the short term is entirely in the hands of the Iraqi authorities.

Units try since a week deeper in some eastern districts, to penetrate, where the rise at the beginning of december only. In the twelfth week of the offensive, the Iraqi army, additional support received from the United States.

On the offensive taking 100,000 Iraqi soldiers, Kurdish peshmerga and shiite militias part. It is the largest grondoperatie in Iraq since the American invasion in 2003. The troops from the air, supported by a coalition led by the US. On the ground are also American advisers actively.

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