Iron ‘snow’ may fall in the Earth’s core, study shows

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The earth’s inner core is hot and crowded, so the idea that it might be snow, it seems far-fetched.

But that’s what a team of researchers has discovered.

In this case, however, the result in this case, it is made up of small particles, made of iron, far heavier than the snow that is on the surface of the earth, that is, the attack of the molten core, and stack it on top of the inner core.

“The Earth is a metal core, acts as a magma chamber, that we know of each other,” said Jung-Fu Lin, an associate professor in the Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin and co-author of the study, in a statement.


A team of scientists, including a number of UT Austin’s researchers, has found evidence of iron “snow” at the Earth’s core.
The university of Texas-Austin)


“It’s kind of a weird thing to have to think about it,” geochemist, Nick Dygert explained. “You have to have the crystals in the outer core, it’s snowing, down to the core, over a distance of several hundred miles.”

The research paper is to compare the snowing of the iron particles, a process that takes place in magma chambers in the vicinity of the surface of the planet and the minerals crystalizing out of the melt and to each other. In the magma, the density of the minerals is what the researchers call a “count down.” In the center of the Earth, the density of the iron, it helps the inner core to grow, and that the outer core is shrinking.

The findings could help geologists better understand how planets like our own form.

“With respect to the model predictions for the different observations will allow us to draw conclusions about the possible composition of the liquid core and possibly connect this information to the conditions that prevailed at the time the planet was formed,” he said. “In the beginning, it is an important factor in the Earth, the planet that we know of.”

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