Irisscanner Samsung Galaxy S8 fooled with printed eye

Irisscanner Samsung Galaxy S8 fooled with printed eye

Photo: AFP

Hacker Jan Krissler has the irisscanner of the Samsung Galaxy S8 fooled by a printed image of an eye with a contact lens sure.

The irisscanner of the Galaxy S8 are watching through an infrared camera the unique iris of the user, and then displays in a fraction of a second access to the unit.


Printed eye fopt irisscanner Galaxy S8

Contact lens

To the scanner to be tricked, makes Krissler a photo with a camera with infrared. It can be from a few metres away, reports the biometrics expert of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC).

Then he prints an enlarged version of the eye with a laser printer, in this case, happens to be one of Samsung. By then a regular contact lens on the photo to impose, register the irisscanner of Galaxy S8 that as a real eye, and your phone is unlocked.

Photo from the internet

CCC spokesman Dirk Engling said that a traditional pin still many times more secure than a biometric control. “The security risk in a irisscan is even larger than for fingerprints, because our irises are often see,” says Engling.

“Under certain circumstances would even a high-resolution photo of the internet sufficiently to have an iris capture.” Earlier, CCC also all the weaknesses of vingerafdrukscanners.

So knew Krissler the Touch ID scanner of the iPhone 5S within 24 hours after appearance to fool with a nepduim. Also, he knew the fingerprints of German Defense minister Ursula von der Leyen is successful on the basis of sharp pictures of her hand.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the first flagship smartphone that has a irisscanner bet if identity. The deleted Galaxy Note 7 also had such a scanner. According to rumors, will also get the new device from Apple a irisscanner.

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