Ireland is in appeal against judgement of Brussels about tax Apple

Ireland is in appeal against judgement of Brussels about tax Apple

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The government of Ireland is in appeal against the decision of the European Commission on belastingdeals with Apple. The commission wants Apple more than 13 billion euros of overdue taxes to pay.

That tax has the iPhonemaker not previously paid because of belastingdeals with Ireland, but that agreements according to the commission against the European regulations.

After consultation the government decided that Ireland Friday the decision to fight. Wednesday will be a motion on this matter in the Irish parliament are to be treated. The government hopes in this way to gain support.

Ireland had already know that they “strongly disagreed” with the analysis of the commission on the belastingafspraken with Apple. The company has already let you know the decision to fight.


The European Commission Tuesday announced that Apple 13 billion euros plus interest on arrears must be paid back to the Irish tax authorities.

Through agreements with the Irish government paid Apple in 2003, effective 1 percent tax on its European profits. In 2014 was 0.005%. The appointments go back as far as 1991.


European Commissioner Margrathe Vestager of Competition had already know not to be afraid of an appeal of both Apple and Ireland.

“We have three years in the study worked to ensure that we have a solid case would have and I believe that we have now,” said Vestager Wednesday.

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