‘Iraqi Regeringsmilitairen violate the rights of refugees’

‘Iraqi Regeringsmilitairen violate the rights of refugees’

Photo: AFP

Not only fighters, but also regeringsmilitairen and paramilitary combat groups are in Iraq guilty of serious violations of human rights, writes Amnesty International Tuesday.

In the report, be Punished for the crimes of IS writes the human rights organization that thousands of citizens that IS-the area had fled in the wake are imprisoned, tortured, and murdered.

Amnesty has for the report is based on interviews with 470 victims, witnesses and family members of people who have been killed.

It comes to refugees in may and June of this year, during the battle for the IS-stronghold of Fallujah and in the fighting around al-Sharqat between June and september.

“After they had escaped the horrors of the war and the tyranny of IS, get sunni Iraqis with brutal reprisals from militias and overheidstroepen. They have been widely punished for the crimes of the terrorist group”, Amnesty director Philip Luther stated.


Amnesty warns of a vicious circle of violence and repression and fear for the safety of civilians in Mosul, the city that the Iraqi armed forces are currently trying to recapture. “Iraqi authorities need to show who the boss is in the militia and must make clear that such violations will not be tolerated,” said Luther.

The human rights organization of its findings last month submitted to the Iraqi government and the Kurdish authorities in Iraq. The Iraqi government has not responded and the Kurds deny the findings of Amnesty.

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