Iraq retakes town of Shirqat in Mosul on the Islamic State

Iraq retakes town of Shirqat in Mosul on the Islamic State

Photo: AFP

The Iraqi army has the town of Shirqat in the vicinity of the city of Mosul retaken on Islamic State (IS).

This brings the government one step closer to Mosul, the second city of the country since 2014 in the hands of terreurbeweging.

Shirqat is located on the Tigris, about one hundred kilometres south of Mosul. Iraqi troops had the city been besieged, with the help of iranian backed shiite militias.

According to a legerwoordvoerder were the militias last week, however not at the decisive battles involved. The offensive was also supported by American fighter jets.

Iraq and the United States have indicated that the attack on Mosul this month is still being used. The inhabitants of the predominantly sunni Mosul will in regard to that keep an eye on how the people of Shirqat is treated.

In the past, had the sunnis in on IS recaptured cities regularly targeted. After the reconquest of Fallujah in June were dozens of sunni civilians were arrested, mistreated and even tortured by fighters from shiite militias.

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