‘Iraq intervened in a quarrel between Saudi Arabia and Iran

‘Iraq intervened in a quarrel between Saudi Arabia and Iran

Photo: AFP

The Iraqi minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari (Foreign Affairs) has a mediating role between the contending countries Saudi Arabia and Iran. The minister played to his own words, ” the role of messenger, reported the Iranian state broadcaster IRIB on Saturday.

The Iraqi government sent al-Jaafari, a year ago to Tehran with the offer to mediate in the conflict with the saudis. Iraq fears that the fighting between the neighbouring countries has implications for the fight against terror group Islamic State.

“I have spent the past months verbal messages transferred between officials from the two countries. We will try to get their positions closer together,” said the minister, who reiterated that his country would benefit from closer ties between the rivals.

The relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia deteriorated in 2015. At that time, many dead after panic broke out during the ritual hajj in Mecca. The Iranian government gave the Saudi organizers of the debt of the chaos, in which many Iranians were killed.

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