Iran’s president Rouhani warns US after the sending of new troops

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani Sunday, in a speech in the United States have been warned to “stay away from the Strait of Hormuz”. In the USA, in the night from Friday to Saturday is well-known that the more troops are going to broadcast to Saudi Arabia and to the security of the region and to protect it.

In the same speech, told Rouhani that Iran is on Wednesday, at the general assembly of the United Nations general assembly in New York, there is a plan for peace and security in the Straits of Hormuz will be presented.

The so-called ‘ Coalition of Hope-an initiative that would demonstrate how the safety and security in the Persian Gulf, and without the foreign powers of the time could be ensured.

In the U.S., said on Saturday that the new troops to the region, it sends, because of the attack on the Saudi oil fields. The Americans are convinced that Tehran is behind the attacks, but tensions between the two countries were already, for many months is high as a result of the disturbance in the Strait of Hormuz.


Olietankercrisis: Why is the strait in Iran’s interest?

The ships attacked and captured

The narrow waterway to Iran, it is very important to a lot of tankers, but in recent months the number of ships attacked, and the other vessels were seized. Iran and the US is, essentially, when there is an incident, each time with the finger at each other.

After Rouhani confirmed that he was on Wednesday of a ‘peace plan’ aims to present, he put on his ” commander of the Iranian navy, the relationships are in focus. Hossein Khanzadi, told Iranian state media that “the opponents will be destroyed,” as the only form of aggression are seen.

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