Iranian president warns citizens for the consequences of U.s. sanctions

The Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has Tuesday the annual budget of 4,700 trillion rials (41 billion euro in vrijemarkttarief) to the parliament presented. In a speech on television about the budget, he warned Iranians of the consequences of the American sanctions.

“America has as a goal the destruction of the islamic system of Iran… and this she will not succeed. But the sanctions will undoubtedly affect the lives of people and the economic development,” said Rouhani.

Earlier this year, said Rouhani that the U.s. sanctions Iran barely touching, but he allowed himself when not out on the possible long-term consequences.

The United States announced in early november that the penalties for 2015 golden, again to Iran imposed. The measures were in 2015, is repealed by the Obama administration, after a atoomakkoord was closed with Iran. The American president Donald Trump withdrew earlier this year to back out of that agreement, because he thought that Iran was the agreement broke.

The US explained in a series of new sanctions, which are focused on the financial sector, the oil sector and the transport sector.

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