Iranian Ayatollah calls the Saudi monarchs mafkezen and idiots

Iranian Ayatollah calls the Saudi monarchs mafkezen and idiots

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the highest spiritual leader in Iran, the members of the royal family of Saudi Arabia Saturday as “mafkezen” and “dairy cows for the Americans” labeled.

“Which idiots believe that they are with money the friendship can acquire an opponent of islam,” he said, according to the national news agency Fars.

Khamenei pointed to with his statements to the wapenbestellingen to the value of 100 billion dollars that Saudi Arabia last week for American companies when president Donald Trump in Riyadh came to visit.

The sunni Saudi Arabia and shiite Iran, the main powers in the conflicted Middle East, and sworn enemies.

‘All crew’

The Saudi leaders to shape according to Khamenei, an “unfit and worthless motley crew” that the fate of quite a few muslims in the hand. Their political will, according to the Iranian ayatollah eventually lead to the collapse of the regime.

In Iran, Khamenei’s constitutional the last word in all strategic policy decisions. The moderate president Hassan Rohani, recently re-elected, had also criticized the wapendeals. He said that the Saudi rulers would do better with the population to explain what ballot boxes and democratic elections.

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