Iran warns us of the end of diplomacy with new sanctions, U.S.

Iran claims that its new financial sanctions imposed by the United States of america, the diplomatic relations between the two countries will forever be impossible to make.

“Iran’s supreme leader, useless sanctions, the permanent closure of the road for diplomacy”, according to the spokesman of the Iranian Foreign minister, Abbas Mousavi, in a tweet.

“The despair of the government-He is destroying the well-established international mechanisms for the maintenance of world peace and security.”

The Us president, Donald Trump, Iran has recently introduced new sanctions to be imposed. Those are, inter alia, aims at the highest spiritual leader of the islamic republic, grootayatollah Ali Khamenei.


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‘Khamenei is responsible for the hostile attitude of Iran’

“As the supreme leader of Iran, is the one who is ultimately responsible for the hostile behavior of the regime,” said Trump, who reiterated that Iran will never have nuclear weapons should be available. The president went to his country last year to back out of the atoomovereenkomst with Tehran. After that, he laid out Iran, even though there are serious penalties on this.

The new sanctions hit also in any other eastman. It is, according to the attorney, Steven Mnuchin (Finance), inter alia, the Iranian minister Javad Zarif (Foreign Affairs), and eight of the commanders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard corps (IRGC), a powerful Iranian-elitekorps. There are “billions” of Iran’s assets frozen, according to Mnuchin.

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