Iran threatens with attack on Us navy with ‘secret weapons’

Iran on Saturday warned American warships to sink with “secret weapons”. Tehran responded to an announcement from Washington, that about fifteen hundred additional soldiers and a dozen warplanes to the Middle East to send.

The tensions between the United States and Iran have in recent weeks suffered.

“America sends two warships to the region,” said general Morteza Ghorbani, a key Iranian military adviser, to Mizan, the press office of the Iranian judiciary.

“If they have even the most minor stupidity committed, we will have the ships, their crew and the aircraft to the bottom of the sea to hunt with two missiles or two new secret weapons.”

The Iranian Foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called the Us intention to bring more troops to send Saturday “extremely dangerous” and a “threat to international peace and security”, reports the Iranian state news agency IRNA.

The relationship between the US and Iran has deteriorated sharply since the inauguration of the American president Donald Trump. He pulled his country a year ago is back from the nuclear deal with Tehran and, in turn, has substantial penalties set.

Aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf sent

Also carried out the US military presence in the Persian Gulf with the mission of an aircraft carrier with accompanying warships, bombers and anti-aircraft missiles. The Americans accuse Iran of attacks on four oil tankers from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia, earlier this month.

According to western experts, Iran has a habit of the own military capacities to overdo it. There are, however, concerned about the Iranian missile, and especially the Iranian long-range missiles.

The American president Donald Trump passed earlier this week Congress to wapendeals to the value of billions of dollars with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and a number of other countries. Trump called the threat to U.s. national security from Iran as a reason for that step.

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