Iran test missiles after new sanctions from US

Iran test missiles after new sanctions from US

Photo: AFP

Iran is Saturday, a new test missiles and radar systems. The country is responding to the new sanctions that the Us president Donald Trump on Friday imposed on Tehran.

The US took measures against thirteen persons, and the twelve organisations in Iran. The introduction of the new sanctions was a response from the White House on an earlier test of Iran with a middellangeafstandsraket, last weekend.

Iran proposes, in a statement that the test on Saturday for “the power of the Iranian revolution” to show. The country wants to test her dislikes about the new sanctions make it clear.

The sanctions were, according to the American president Donald Trump justified because the earlier test is in conflict with the decision of the UN Security council that Iran tests doesn’t allow missiles and nuclear weapons can carry.

Barack Obama

The Iranian missile was on Sunday launched from Semnan, about 200 kilometers from the capital city Tehran. The rocket would be about a thousand kilometres have been flown and exploded when.

Under Obama, the ties to Iran cited. Thus, U.s. sanctions against the country be lifted in exchange for curbing Iran’s core activities. President Trump is against the agreement that Obama closed with Iran and wants the deal to revert.

Iran is one of the seven countries covered by the by Trump set entry fall.

This would Trump do in his first hundred days as president

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