Iran says the capacity for uranium of unlimited enrichment

Iran has the capability to make uranium, and unlimited enrichment, said Iran’s atomic Energy agency. According to the organization, the need for the authorities will only give permission for the enrichment scale.

The country had earlier, already more than 1,200 kilograms of uranium would have won, and that it will be enhanced. In november, 2019 at the latest had been in Iran for sixty new nuclear centrifuges used for this enrichment is the use of it. This was found to violate the country’s nuclear deal, from the end of 2015. In early January, joined Iran’s officially out of the agreement.

After you get out of the deal, he said the government’s nuclear activities, however, would have to check with the Atoomgenootschap. The country is said to be prepared to take the deal back to life, as well as sanctions against Iran are lifted and Iran’s interests be safeguarded.

The penalties were imposed by the Us president, Donald Trump, who is almost two years old before the contract retreated. Among others, the European Union and its allies tried to deal, unsuccessfully, to rescue him.

The agreement was made in the year 2015 of the agreement between Iran and the six world powers the US, China, Russia, France, germany, Great Britain, and Germany.

In the meantime, the tensions between Iran and the United States are highly required. If killed, the united states, the Iranian topgeneraal Qassem Soleimani in a droneaanval at the airport of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Out of revenge, attacked Iran, a military base in Iraq where U.s. soldiers are stationed.

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