Iran says the British oil tanker to be seized and have taken

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps reports that the Uk’s air space has been taken in the Strait of Hormuz.

It would have to go to the membership details Impero’, on Friday, was on his way to Saudi Arabia, and is on the radar, and disappeared.

Iran is saying that the tanker has been confiscated due to failure to comply with international maritime regulations. The Onboard Impero is escorted to the Iranian coast.

The Uk government is currently spoedberaad about the incident. “We are on the lookout for more information and to scrutinize the situation, according to the Uk ministry of Defence.

The company has let us know that there were 23 crew members on board the oil tanker, but they don’t connect. There are so far no reports of injuries. The tanker would have to be approached by a helicopter, and small boats.

The UK placed at the beginning of this month seized an Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar

At the beginning of the month to put the UK at an Iranian oil tanker in the chain in new zealand. With the Grace of One, was stopped because of the Eu sanctions would have been violated by the crude oil to Syria, though.

Iran’s Revolutionary guards has responded furiously to the incident, and was threatened publicly with the concern.

The four Indian crew members of the mv came out last week, while out on bail, free to. They have not yet officially been charged, but they are still suspects in the ongoing criminal investigation.


Olietankercrisis: Why is the strait in Iran’s interest?

The Incident a new chapter in tensions with Iran

Over the past few weeks, tensions in the Persian Gulf, the higher the customer. There have been several oil tankers being sabotaged and attacked, which the united states is Iran that is responsible for the hold.

Also, the Us president, Donald Trump, on the last armed action against Iran are called off. The action would be in retaliation for the shooting down of a U.s. drone over the strait.

In the united states, with the UK as an ally in the international coalition set up to improve safety in the Gulf, needs to be strengthened. Also in the Netherlands, has been officially invited to be a contributor.

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