Iran responds to Trump: ‘Just a new call, if sanctions disappear’

Iran’s president Hassan Rohani wants all of the sanctions imposed against the country are lifted, before he was once again sitting around the table with the United States, he said on Tuesday on Iran’s state television. Rohani is responding with the statements of the American president-Donald Trump, on Monday, at the G7 summit in France, said that a new meeting is feasible.

According to Trump, both parties would be within a couple of weeks and the negotiations can take place about the nuclear treaty, and to talk to.

Rohani said that Iran is ready to talk about it, but that, first of all, the “illegal, unfair and unjust sanctions should be removed. Otherwise, they will remain in the talks, which he accepts as a “lock”, and Iran have obligations under international agreement “is becoming less fulfilling”.

The dispute between the two countries have escalated in the past few months. He went to the United States to back out of the deal, which was concluded to be the concern of the international community about Iran’s ” nuclear path to take.

In may, they were the countries is still more likely after the oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz were attacked. Presence of both the parties, it would have been shot down, and He was a rocket attack at the last moment.


Olietankercrisis: Why is the strait in Iran’s interest?


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