Iran picks up seventeen years ‘CIA spy’ on US, declines the accusations down

Iran would be seventeen by the American CIA-trained spies have been arrested, reporting the Iranian media Monday. Some of them would be condemned to death have been convicted of crimes. The United States has to do with the statement as a lie.

The Islamic state has sent a statement to the Iranian secret service. It was reported that the service was a spionnennetwerk has to be rolled up. “The activities of intelligence personnel were active in the companies in the economic, nuclear, infrastructure, defence and technology sectors. They’ve got a secret information that is collected,” according to the statement.

The Us secretary of state, Mike Pompeo declines all the accusations on Monday in an interview with Fox News. “The Iranian regime has a long history of not telling the truth,” said the minister.

Already, tensions between Iran and the U.S.

The tensions between the united states and Iran have been running for longer in the region around the Persian Gulf. On the 12th of may, four oil tankers being attacked, which the united states is Iran that is responsible for this holding. On the 13th of June, there was a two-olieschepen attacked, and, once again, accused the Americans and Iran. That country is denied, however, by the incident involved.

A week later, shot in Iran, a Us drone out of the sky, because that is inside Iran’s airspace, it would have gone. In addition to the action, as well as a lot of in the direction of the Americans is valid.

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