Iran launched probably at the ‘inflection point’ attacks to change the ‘status quo’ Defense Intelligence Agency director, told Fox News

in the vicinityVideoLt. Gen. Ashley interview with Fox News’ Catherine Herridge

Lt. gen. Robert Ashley gives an insight about the recent Iranian attacks on U.S. Tanker and a surveillance drone.

Iran is likely to appear at “a turning point” and the recent attacks on tankers and the Downing of a US drone surveillance, a part of the effort to change “the status quo,” the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) told Fox News exclusively.

“I would say that you are probably at a turning point now,” the Director, Lt. gen. Robert Ashley, Jr., declared in his first national TV interview, as the leader of the almost 17-thousand-strong Agency. Director Ashley said, based on your activity within the last several years, the Iranians would probably say, you were in a “favourable” position, with their influence on the Iraqi government and the likelihood that your long Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to stay-standing regional ally — — in power.

However, Director Ashley — Agency, whose task is to understand, the foreign forces and the operational environment — said that the United States’ withdrawal from the Iran deal and subsequent sanctions have a big impact on the regime. Later this year, DIA is expected to release a non-classified military study on the subject of Iran, which follows similar reports on China and Russia.


“As you look at the developments of the JCPOA (Iran deal), the lack of an economic outcome for them, and then, really, the sanctions, the think a lot of pressure on the Iranian government… I said this upward trend that you have seen, is a reflection of them, somehow, the status quo change in the path that you are,” Ashley.

He continued, “I would say that the pressure campaign is working, and it is misery. And, you know, the President has asked the question before, “does this have an impact on the Iranian people?” And it’s impact on the entire nation, if the economy’s move into recession and they are fighting look at your business, because.”


If the US surveillance was shot down by a drone last week, the Defense Intelligence Agency, unless for the immediate analysis of Iran’s military capabilities. Last Friday, Ashley recent events described reasons, the avoidance of operational details citing national security.

“We will show those things for the Chairman, the Secretary for the warfighters, so that you have a sense of what the capabilities of the Iranians are, what are the possible reactions that you could take, if the pressure is on you. And Yes, we will give you opportunities to understand what the low, medium and high probability, the nature of the reactions of the Iranians are.”

To exceed Tehran’s threat last week abandoned uranium enriched limits, under the direction of the Obama administration — a quote from President Trump may be designed to restrain the pressure of other Nations in the United States, said Ashley. “Are you looking for in addition to go, 300 pounds, and with the Iraq heavy water reactor to start, increasing the heavy water that produces so good,” Ashley said.

“I think one of the things, the Iranians and the we is rate, you want to find out how you can also get the European Nations back use come and bring the dialogue back on the ground, and these discussions… if they break out and start building from the program, then it is still about a year before you actually get a weapon.”

Pompeo on new sanctions against Iran

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, says the United States to deny Iran the resources it needs to have a nuclear weapon.

On a high-security installation in the vicinity of the Pentagon, Fox News full Agency went inside the secret. The analysts embedded special forces were to pursue Saddam Hussein to his hiding place, the so-called spider hole in Iraq, as Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to his Pakistani compound.

“In the Air Force, I used information that came from India, and see the other side, and how, if the information is not correct or not current, such as could be provided impact to the warfighters,” Staff Sgt. Leanna Parker, a military analyst, said. “You use this (intelligence) on a day-to-day basis. It is the tactical piece versus strategic is-in search of the next five years-this is something that you can use today.”


Now, the pivot table is removed from the terrorism to a competition between the Nations.

“China is a long-term concern. If you think about Russia in so many ways, even if you have thousands of nuclear weapons and a lot of things left over from the Soviet era. In many ways, they are a declining power, especially economically,” Ashley told Fox News.


But China and Russia are together against US interests.

“It’s a transactional relationship,” said Ashley. “This is not a relationship built on trust. This is a relationship based on a mutual interest, which is where you block us… and in many ways, China views Russia as a junior partner, and that’s not something you like.”

Although President Trump and the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un recently exchange of letters, Ashley said, the results of the intelligence community or “IC” – have not changed.

“We still have more to assess, within the IC, that Kim Jong-Un is not willing to denuclearize… We are still doing everything we can to ensure that we are able to characterize the possibility that the North Koreans have, that you continue to train hard and build up your forces. And so whether we’re in discussions or whatever happens on the political side, for the decision makers and top decision-makers, our job is to make sure that we will be able to tell you what happened, because you can go, to negotiate with and something to listen to, but we are able to give them as much ground truth as possible, which will give you benefit and advantage.”



One of Ashley’s goals is the MARS project-which is short for Machine-Assisted analysis of Rapid-Repository-System — which brings together current military intelligence databases artificial intelligence to put together “a virtual environment, so that decision-makers understand the strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and that we can get there, in a very dynamic way.”

Ashley said, “the goal is to go to war is to prevent war, and that’s really the outcome that we want. But to win when we go to war, which is obviously the goal.”

Fox News’ Cecilia Duffy contributed to this report.

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