Iran is violating the atoomafspraken with sixty new uraniumcentrifuges

Iran was on Monday announced sixty new nuclear centrifuges for the enrichment of uranium is to be taken. Thus, it violates the country’s atoomafspraken in 2015, with the other nuclear powers have made it.

The Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, announced in september that the new centrifuges are to be developed, as in the united states in 2018 the agreement has been disrupted and Iran, and, since then, economic sanctions have been imposed.

Under the agreement, from 2015, it was agreed that Iran should only be allowed to dispose of one thousand IR-1 centrifuges, an aging model. Iran now has sixty-IR-6 centrifuge has been developed. These separators may be ten times faster uranium enrichment than the old model, according to the head of the Iranian atoomorganisatie, Ali Akbar Salehi.

Germany suggested on Monday that new centrifuges are in conflict with the previously agreed, and asked for Tehran’s development backwards in time. In the US, says the new centrifuges, a step in the wrong direction.

Iran says it is enriching uranium only to use it to generate electricity, but the USA put in question. On Monday, the Us president, Donald Trump and, therefore, the nine people in all around the Iran’s ayatollah Ali Khamenei the new sanctions imposed on it. It is, among others, to one of his sons.

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