Iran has, by the end of June, more uranium than a nuclear accord allowing

Iran has about ten more days lichtverrijkt’s uranium stock, it is permitted under the nuclear agreement, says the Atoomenergieorganisatie of Iran (AEOI) on Monday. This is because it is in the country for the last time, four times as much as uranium is enriched. The nuclear agreement will result in a direct threat.

Iran is trying to exert pressure on the European participants to the agreement. Tehran wants to have the powers, Iran is to protect you from the sanctions imposed by the United States of america.

In accordance with the terms of the agreement allowed Iran to 300 kilograms of lichtverrijkt uranium and store it. “We will be at this level on the 27th of June and will not be withheld from production,” said a spokesman for the atoomorganisatie.

Also, the spokesman of Iran’s production may have to opschroeft, and uranium to the 20 per cent enrichment. Under the nuclear deal, it was agreed that the limit is fixed at 6 percent. For the development of nuclear weapons, you have a minimum of 20 percent required, but that 90% is more common.

In addition, Iran may be heavy water (dideuteriumoxide to other countries to sell it. According to the atoomorganisatie, this is not a violation of the nuclear agreement. Previously asked Iranian president Hassan Rouhani that this is not going to happen.


This Block responds on the Iran’s nuclear agreement

Iran, the European powers, the ultimatum imposed on

The US is joined at the end of 2018, with the nuclear agreement. The European countries are still in favour, although Iran may also already announced that the agreement was in danger to be able to bring in.

Germany, France and the United Kingdom from Iran, and when, to July 7, the time given to US to be aware of the lifting of the sanctions.

“We reject any ultimatum, and will see whether or not Iran is fulfilling its obligations under the international kernwapenakkoorden is left to the Eu leaders, then, know, in a statement.


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