‘Iran executes man for the US was spying’

Iran says, as a man, to have been executed, which the Iranian government spied on by the United States of america, reported the state news agency IRNA on Sunday.

It would go to Jalal Haji Zawar. He would be the only time when Iran’s ministry of Defense have been working on until he was in 2010 and its tasks performance.

As far as Iran was spying on behalf of U.s. intelligence, the CIA, and in his own house of them the evidence found. Zawar, it would also make a confession, you have passed. After that, it has a court of his death, and he would have been executed.

In the report from IRNA is not, when it would have been the case. His ex-wife, was convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in prison for alleged involvement in the spionagepraktijken, according to the state news agency. The CIA has the message and respond to it.

The tension between Iran and the U.S., quickly suffered a

The tension between the two countries have recently been quickly schedule. The US blames Iran, that the country is in two oil-tankers have been attacked in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. In the USA, and sent as a response to military vessels and aircraft to the area.

Iran stepped up shortly after the uraniumproductie on it. And on the 20th of June, shot in Iran, a 130-million-dollar cost of American drone out of the sky. The countries bicker about where to go, and that would have been the case.

The Us president, when He wanted to be with a missile strike and react to it, but that was the last time down here. In the American aviation authority the FAA took a still of the ” better safe than sorry, and came up with a ban on flying over certain area’s of the Iranian air space.

KLM has also decided to be a part of Iran’s airspace is to be avoided. A lot of international companies have made the same choice.

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