Iran calls Home to ‘the mentally retarded’, He threatened Iran ‘to sweep away’

The Us president, when He has Iran on Tuesday threatened by large-scale military reprisal, as Tehran, “but the American” capitalists.”

“Any attack by Iran on anything American, it will be met with massive and overwhelming force. In some cases, it will be ‘overwhelming’ out the mean,” wrote He, in a message on Twitter

Earlier in the day to let Iran know that “diplomacy” is to be excluded, now that the Americans have imposed sanctions on Iran’s opperleider, grootayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The Us president, has continued on Monday signed a presidential decree to be in force.

Iran shows that the sanctions against Khamenei, “as an attack on the nation,” wrote, ” an Iranian government spokesman, on Twitter.


Iran shows alleged wreckage of the Us drone

The white House has been ‘mentally retarded’

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani held earlier in the day, in a televised speech in which he said that the sanctions against Khamenei has no effect, because the markets are not assets located in the rest of the world.

Rouhani, who is often referred to as a moderate in politics, but, above all, a pragmatic leader, was quite clear about the White House, which, according to him, “mentally retarded” too.

Once again, crisis in the Gulf

The crisis between Iran and the US has deepened since the Americans last month in every country in the world, the order did not provide the Iranian oil and you have to take it. Thus, Tehran is cut off from the main source of income, from which the proceeds will be used to provide food to the import of the 81 million people in the country.

In recent weeks, several oil tankers in and around the Persian Gulf, was attacked with explosives. According to Washington, was Iran behind it. Tehran denies this. Last week’s shot, the Iranians have a Us spionagedrone out of the blue. The US claims that the aircraft is not within the scope of the Iranian airspace as it flew in and came close to a vergeldingsaanval.

Iran’s president Rouhani won the elections with a promise to get Iran out of international isolation to get. With the departure of the US from the Atoomakkoord the time of renewal of the strict sanctieregime, and the American sabre-rattling will have the effect of a moderate fraction of the cut.

On the American side are hawks in the game, such as the national security adviser, John Bolton, who has said to take all necessary steps to ask for a “regime change” in iran to accomplish.

Iranian nuclear program has been a source of tension

The US got last year from the Atoomakkoord with Iran, which was signed by, among others, the EU, China, and Russia. According to Trump, was the nuclear deal does not go far enough to ensure that Iran’s nuclear weapons development. This view was not shared by the other signatories, and the International atomic energy agency of the united nations.

He wants to negotiate a more stringent new agreement. The Iranian government says that it does not make sense for Washington to agree on a deal that had already been invented, but where are the Americans from being stepped on.

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