iPhone repairers with mark after criticism of botched phones

Companies so-called refurbished devices to sell, come up with an own label after the Consumers ‘ association in 2018, criticising the poor quality of these devices.

The Consumers ‘ association tested when eighteen botched iPhones, of which only six as ‘good deal’ were assessed. In the rest of the aircraft was the quality poor, with poor screens, scratched or outdated batteries.

Providers of such refurbished phones want the confidence of consumers to win now with a label. That seal of approval is issued by the trade association Technique the Netherlands.

Through the quality mark is the quality of patched devices is guaranteed. The providers will be on fifty points checked via a test by TÜV Nederland is certified.

In the first instance, only iPhones

On products with the quality mark is also a two-year warranty. Also, the telephones are now divided into three categories on the basis of the quality of the appearance: as good as new, slightly used, heavily used, and with increasing signs of wear and tear.

In addition, the financial health of the carrier is examined. Last year, two providers of refurbished devices bankrupt, Leapp and Swoop. By such a bankruptcy occurs the warranty of the botched devices may void. Both bankrupt providers have now made a new start.

In the first instance, the quality mark is conducted by the three service providers at the establishment involved were: Forza Refurbished, Leapp and Renewd. As of today you can also be other parties for the label to sign. Provisionally applies the label only for iPhones, and later, other smartphones and devices are added.


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