iPhone-hacker comes with a dongle that self-propelled cars need to improve

iPhone-hacker comes with a dongle that self-propelled cars need to improve

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Well-known hacker George Hotz comes with a dongle that the sensors of existing cars capable of reading, and thus future self-propelled cars.

Hotz was in his teens known as the first that the original iPhone did to hack. In 2015 started Hotz from his garage, the company Comma.ia that existing cars self-propelled wanted, according to Hotz worked his system is better than that of Tesla.

In 2016, stopped Hotz with that company, after the American government to him, with fines threatened. Hotz tested his self-propelled car without permission on the public road.

Hidden information

Now Hotz Comma.ia back, with the dongle Panda, which sensor information of cars from approximately 1996 to read. Normally can consumers see only information such as the speed, fuel level and error messages, although cars are much more data to record. That is by automotive excellent in maintenance, via a data port which also Panda.

There are already other companies with a similar dongle that motorists on the basis of the information tells how she, for example, more fuel-efficient driving. The dongle Hotz wants, especially all the data of all possible car brands, compare, tag, and then use to self-propelled cars.

Autonomous cars are depending on data from the practice, the more the better. But until such cars actually are for sale, wants, Hotz his dongle in a different way interesting for consumers.

App platform

With an open source platform and an associated app allows users to look how their car is on the way reacts to certain circumstances. The app takes while driving video, the platform puts all the collected sensor data among.

Developers can then apps build on the basis of that data. “The goal of Panda is to the interface to make those cars have not yet. We want cars to computers to connect,” says Hotz.

The Panda-dongle is to pre-order for 88 bucks and is about four to twelve weeks delivered.

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