iOS 12 is on for 80 percent of the suitable iPhones and iPads

Operating system iOS 12 is now on 80 percent of compatible devices, reports Apple on Tuesday. The latest version of iOS was released on september 17 for the iPhone 5S and later and iPad Air and later.

According to Apple, iOS 12, on 83 percent of iOS devices in the past four years are published. The version from 2017 is still on 12 percent of devices. The remaining 5 percent of the iPhones and iPads running an older version of iOS. This data on February 24, collected.

Operating system iOS 12 is faster by users installed, iOS 11. After two days it was operating system by 10 percent of users installed, after a month iOS 12 is already on more than half of the suitable devices. At the end of december had iOS 12 a 70 per cent share, iOS 11 was a year earlier at 59 percent.

Especially the performance of older iPhones and iPads, iOS 12 improved. Also, functions are added that the use of the devices in the map and allowing users to set limits on appgebruik can set.

Also, in iOS 12 added the ability to play with multiple people at the same time a FaceTime video call. That function, however, proved a serious leak to contain, giving the opportunity to be temporarily turned off. After an update works groepsbellen again, all users can still not add additional participants after the call is started.

Latest version of Android takes longer to wait for that

New versions of the operating system Android compared to iOS is always less quickly installed. That has multiple reasons. So manufacturers of Android devices almost all have their own version of Android for their devices.

Therefore, appear Android updates in the practice weeks to months later after Google released. Furthermore, manufacturers of the updates to release for their phones or tablets. Especially cheaper models are all pretty fast not more with new updates.

The latest figures from Android date of 26 October 2018. When was the latest Android version 9.0 Pie to less than 0.1 percent of Android devices. Android Pie appeared on 6 August.

The penultimate version, Android Oreo, appeared on August 21, 2017, and in the final summary, with a market share of 21.5 percent. The most widely installed version of Android seems to be Android Nougat from 2016, which is in October to 28.2 percent of the equipment was.


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