Introduction of gay marriage in Australia seems to come from the job

Introduction of gay marriage in Australia seems to come from the job

Introduction of the same-sex marriage seems to be in Australia to be far away. The opposition Labor keeps the plans that the Australian government has for a referendum on the matter, against.

The centre-right government of Australia wants the whole country to vote on same-sex marriages. The referendum would be in February of next year should take place.

The proposal, however, requires the support of a few members of the opposition, because the government of prime minister Malcolm Turnbull only a majority of one seat in the house of Commons and not a majority in the house of lords. Several parliamentarians had already indicated to be a referendum not to support.

Turnbull had previously know that as to the proposal for a referendum didn’t go through, there is no new bill in parliament will be done until the next election. That are only scheduled in november 2019 and, therefore, may have at least three years before it is possible for couples of the same gender to marry in the country.


The Labor party has called for the introduction of same-sex marriages, but believes that this decision by the parliament needs to be taken, and not by means of a referendum.

“Why would we gay Australians subject to a different legislative process than any other Australian?”, sets Labor leader Bill Shorten. “A couple with a solid relationship need not be at the door to knock 15 million other Australians to ask whether or not they agree with it. The easiest way is the way in which the parliament has for a hundred years: by a law.”


Also different organizations that are in favor of same-sex marriage were already critical of the referendumplannen of Turnbull. They are of the opinion that a corridor to the polls correct harmful and homophobic behavior can make calls against the marriage between two people of the same gender.

Polls show, according to Reuters news agency that 61 per cent of Australians for the introduction of same-sex marriages.

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