‘International students, it IS his escape from the Syrian refugee camp’

From a refugee camp in the north-East of Syria, according to Kurdish authorities, 785 foreign IS members had escaped. As far as is known, there is no Dutch, reported to be a reliable source of

Earlier on Sunday, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and the Syrian Observatory for human Rights, all of which have dozens of women, and the children of IS-fighters had fled. In accordance with a POSITION he is in, there is not enough manpower anymore to be in the camps, and to guard it.

The camp is located in the border town of Ayn Issa. The city is a few days of intense bombardment by Turkey and is very close to the camp would be severe fighting between the Turkish and the Kurdish forces.

The Syrian Observatory for human Rights, to let you know that the camp was in a state of anarchy “as is””. On Friday, the POSITION had already been there for five jihadists had escaped from a concentration camp near the city of Qamishli.

Guard of warriors, has no longer the priority

On Saturday, said a spokesman for the POSITION that the safeguard of warriors, and their families, is no longer “the priority”, and now Turkey and the area has been invaded. The SDF troops will focus primarily on the defense of the border towns, and the public.

In the case there are a lot of supporters of it. Thousands and thousands of fighters, there are trapped in the camps and prisons. The POSITION tipped for a part of it.

Since the Turkish invasion, hundreds of people in your life. According to the United Nations, there are sure to be 130,000 people have fled the border region.


Turkey bombards Kurdish militia with air raids and artillery fire

‘A kurdish politician, was executed in Syria

The social media were driving this weekend and the video of the executions. The images show that the public and members of the armed forces are being shot to death. Not all of the images have been verified, but the Syrian Observatory for human Rights confirms nine executions of civilians.

“Nine civilians have been several times to the south of the town of Tel Abyad have been executed,” said the Observatory, which is typically well-informed. The other independent sources are not available in the area.

Among the dead is 35-year-old Kurdish politician Hevrin Khalaf. Click the images to see it along with the other citizens, out of a vehicle that is removed and is then killed by the allegedly pro-Turkish rebels.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan says that Turkey is a “safe zone” will be created in the north-east of Syria, so are the millions of Syrian refugees to return home. This, however, led by the YPG, a Kurdish branch of the SDF. Erdogan sees the YPG as an extension of the PKK, which Turkey, where it is seen as a terrorist organization.


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