International Court of justice: the UK must be claimed islands specify

The International Court of justice in The Hague Monday, the African island nation of Mauritius is sustained in years of relentless conflict over the Chagoseilanden in the Indian Ocean.

In a non-binding ‘opinion’ (pdf), the court held that the British “illegal to have acted during the decolonization of the Chagoseilanden”. They must, therefore, their administration over the islands as soon as possible specify, the court of justice.

The islands lie 2.150 km of Mauritius, but had long claimed. The dispute between Mauritius and London which dates back to the colonial British Empire, that the Chagoseilanden controlled via Mauritius. That had self-government when it was the islands in 1965 on the United Kingdom sold.

The following year, the British and the United States concluded an agreement on the establishment of a large American base. Due to the construction of that air base in 1971, had approximately fifteen hundred inhabitants of the archipelago forced a safety search. Many moved to Mauritius and the Seychelles, others are in the Uk go to live.

Mauritius in 1968, became independent. The American military base on the largest island, Diego Garcia, is still there.

In this photo, made on april 9, 1971, the residents of the Chagoseilanden to hear that they have to leave because of the arrival of an American military base. ()


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