Intel unveils self-learning vision-chip for drones and robots

Intel unveils self-learning vision-chip for drones and robots

Photo: Intel

Intel has a new chip announced that the computer vision of robots and drones to control. Thanks to self-learning capabilities of learning devices than their surroundings.

The Myriad X-chip follows the Myriad 2, which is already in the DJI Phantom 4 drone and smart cameras is used. The Myriad X is a more advanced version of that chip, sign Intel Tuesday.

The Myriad x is the first chip in the line that a Neural Compute Engine’. That part makes the chip extremely suitable for self-learning algorithms.

This allows devices with the Myriad X in it information from their environment to interpret and learn. “With this faster, more thoughtful intelligence directly in devices built, we can make our world potentially safer, more productive and more personal,” said Remi El-Ouazzane, the head of chipmaker Movidius.


Intel took Movidius in september 2016, when the company’s chips are already in many of the companies had been sold. With this acquisition wants Intel to be less dependent on the declining sales of chips for pcs.

The Myriad X can be 4 trillion calculations per second run, where the Myriad 2 remained stuck at around 1 to 1.5 trillion calculations per second. With that extra processing power allows the chip to even the smallest detail of his surroundings, instead of only global features.

Also the size of the chip makes it very suitable for mobile devices such as drones and robots. The Myriad X is the size of a small coin. It is not yet known what the Myriad X will cost, but the chip is initially intended for the more advanced gadgets with image recognition.

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