Intel unveils pc on a credit card

Intel unveils pc on a credit card

Photo: Intel

Intel has a pc on a credit card unveiled. The Compute Card is intended to all kinds of devices easier, the ability of a computer to give.

The Compute Card contains all of the elements of a full pc, such as an Intel-chip, memory, storage, wi-fi, and bluetooth, says Intel.

This is all part of a housing of 94.5 x 55 millimetres, with a thickness of 5 millimeters. Manufacturers of all kinds of devices, machines would be able to make with a special slot for the Compute Card, says Intel.

The card would then all computing tasks, and easy to refresh or replace. Intel says that the Compute Card is suitable for everything from refrigerators to smart kiosks and beveiligscamera’s to Internet of Things devices.

By a standard slot for the Compute Card in their devices to build businesses need, according to Intel less time to spend on customized connections and computers for the devices, making it faster and cheaper to innovate. There would ultimately choice of Compute Cards with different speeds.

Intel developed earlier pc’s with the size of usb-sticks. That Compute Stick is full pc to use it with a monitor and wireless mouse and keyboard to connect.

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