Intel shares plans for tests with one hundred self-propelled cars

Intel shares plans for tests with one hundred self-propelled cars

Photo: Mobileye

Intel plans to launch later that year of self-propelled cars produce. Finally, there must be more than a hundred tested.

That Intel has published on its website. The one hundred cars will be labeled as “Level 4”, which means that they most of the operations are completely independently run. The self-propelled cars are scheduled for trials in the United States, Israel and Europe.

Intel took this year, the Israeli sensormaker Mobileye on for 15.3 billion dollars. That company specializes in cameras and sensors for self-propelled cars. The testwagens to the self-propelled system of Intel and Mobileye to present. For the test, multiple vehicle brands and types, to demonstrate that the software for different vehicles to be useful.


Beginning 2017, Intel, and Mobileye is already working, where they are within a year forty self-propelled testauto’s the way on wanted to send. This was done in collaboration with BMW. It is unclear how this project is progressing.

The system that Intel is developing, cameras, process images, and provides technology for maps. In addition, the software can determine how it should react to road situations, automobiles and pedestrians.

Intel is not the only self-propelled test cars. Also Google, Waymo and Uber are working on autonomous vehicles.

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