Institute for public health and Rural coverage rates are stabilizing after years of decline

The country coverage in the past year has remained stable, it appears, on Monday, preliminary figures from the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM). Even though the percentage is still below the previous level, there is, according to the GOVERNMENT, however, has come to an end of a downward trend.

Of the children who will, in 2016, was born, it has to 90,2 per cent before reaching the age of two years old, all vaccinations are in accordance with the Rijksvaccinatieprogramma (RVP) is received. The preliminary figures for the younger children, even a slight increase.

The vaccination for HPV (cervical cancer), which is in 2018, with up to 45.5 per cent after a fall also increases.

The report also reveals that more people than usual for a disease which, through the PRINCIPLE is to get vaccinated. The number of people with meningococcal disease and W is the on the other hand, however, increased. The number of patients has increased from 80 to 103.

Because of this development there will be a baby since last year by several types of meningococcal vaccination. This meningococcal ACWY vaccination is provided to 875.000 young people, who, from 2001 to 2005, is born.

Secretary of state, is cautiously positive about the figures

“I’m positive about the side, that is, the coverage rate rises,” writes the secretary of state, Paul’s Cabin (public Health), in a letter to the house of commons. “The goal of my efforts has been to achieve the greatest health benefit, where vaccination may be possible.”

The secretary of state wants to be sixteen – or zeventienjarigen to have missed RVP vaccines to to obtain. It’s going to be to 9.9% of boys and 47,7% of girls. The vaccination rate among girls is especially low due to the HPV vaccine. As such, vaccination should be excluded, decreasing the percentage of them that are not all of the RVP vaccines have to be 9.4 per cent.

Only 2.1 per cent of all the sixteen – or zeventienjarigen does not have any NATIONAL vaccine had.


Why a high coverage is essential, it is


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