Instagram reveals: fashion fans are the biggest Instagramverslaafden

Instagram did research on who the most time spend on the app. In Europe mainly the fashion addicted that scrolling, liking and following.

Instagrambeeld from the profile of Paul Smith © Instagram

Instagram is a successful platform for fashion brands that want to be uncovered and direct buyers want to engage. This is evident from some interesting figures from a report from Instagram. Brands have social media managers in their team, that is on Instagram pictures to share from behind the scenes, on the catwalk, and brand new campaign images. These are all things that fashion fans wish to discover.

In figures

European Instagrammers with an interest in fashion items three times more than other users of the app. Also consume five times more photos and to view the Instagramfeed approximately fifteen times per day. Fashion lovers also a lot more profiles than the average Instagrammer. They express 2.3 times more often on the ‘follow’button. Especially British are generous in the following profiles. In France, they print more often on the like button.

More than one in three Instagrammers have made purchases as a result of posts on Instagram. This is good news for brands who campaign via the app, and that way a band create with their fans.

The trends

Trends spotting on Instagram is also a good idea. As were hashtags about following trends this summer are the most popular in Europe: denim, lace, stripes, suede, and fringe. Not only useful for fashionlovers, but also for the designers who want to see what trends life among the consumers.


That modenieuws in a constant feed on our phone penetration, is useful for brands and relaxing for some fashion lovers, but not everyone is equally enthusiastic. For fashion brands this increases the pressure to 24/7 news and images around the world. In the hectic and fast paced world of fashion, this extra stress for both young as well as established brands. For the fashion fans can oversupply also demotivating instead of inspiring work.

However, for the time being, Instagram is a good way to quickly trends to spot, and for brands to fans to convince pieces to purchase. (LP)

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