‘Instagram of all the social media’s worst influence on gestel younger’

‘Instagram of all the social media’s worst influence on gestel younger’

Photo: Bloomberg

Of all social media, Instagram is the worst influence on the mental health of young people.

Conclude that British investigators after questioning 1.479 young people aged 14 to 24 years old.

Instagram has a negative influence on body image and the quality of sleep of young people and creates fear of things to miss. However, the medium is seen as positive in regards to self-expression and identity.

Research participants were asked about what impact social media platforms have on things like fear, loneliness, and social participation.

YouTube was the most highly valued, followed by Twitter. Facebook and Snapchat came in third and fourth.


“Although the platforms are intended to help young people to connect with each other, stir up them for some people a mental health problem”, the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH). The RSPH recommends therefore pop-ups for sites like Twitter and Facebook that warn of frequent use.

“It is interesting to see that Instagram and Snapchat being the worst score,” says Shirley Cramer of RSPH in The Telegraph. “Both platforms are mainly focused on image and it seems that they are feelings of fear and ignorance calls.”

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