Instagram model claims that she learned a friend was cheating on his Apple Watch, the

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Be an Instagram model claims that she’s been dumped by her boyfriend of three years, there are dozens of posts and photos from other women on his Apple Watch, and the realization of her shady beau had been unfaithful for much of their relationship.

The Miami-based model Neyleen She recently opened up about her heartbreak and healing in a new interview, she says she’s feeling stronger than ever, ” the Mirror reports. In spite of the painful break-up with the 30-year-old expressed her gratitude for the smartwatch, which warned her that her partner had allegedly been fooling around with a different friend, for a couple of months, side chicks, and in a conversation with his ex and meeting with multiple sex workers a week.”

Instagram model Neyleen Ashley, pictured, is feeling stronger than ever after ditching her boyfriend of three years. She was aware of her shady beau had been unfaithful after finding dozens of posts and photos from other women on the Apple Watch.
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The model, who has a following of 1.6 million on Instagram, explaining that the couple was together for the first time in 2016, and in the first instance be made up of a long-distance relationship. The romance was quick, and they soon moved in together — even though the boyfriend knew how to keep his dalliances a secret from the years.


“I thought that by dating a normal guy from a small town, and that he would be in” awe ” of me, but he treated me as if I were someone else,” She recalled.

Nevertheless, it struck Ashely said is that they are constantly at the height of her beau on social media, and took up a large part of their assets, but it did not do the same thing.

“Our relationship was always rocky. He has never made me feel safe as a woman, or that I’m worth something,” she said. “At the time, he was trying to get his life in order, so I was the sole money-maker in the direction of the end of the relationship, and he’s using my money and free time, to see sex, go to massage parlors, or even for a friend in a different part of town.”

That all changed when She picked up her beau’s sparkling Apple Watch will, one day, and was shocked by what she found.
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All of that changed, however, when She picked up her beau’s sparkling Apple Watch will, one day, and was shocked by what she found.

“I’m just curious, because I see a little square that looked like a picture of a girl’s ass in his underwear, and I opened it up. In a major shock, and disbelief, and I think many, many attempts to meet with sex workers in massage parlors, in hotels and in their homes,” she claimed.


“A little girl said,” even my parents are not at home,’ she said. “I saw a lot of girls sending him pictures on his birthday, and the texts from his ex, too.”

She said that, she quickly left the house, got into her car and drove off to find somewhere for it to “breathe.” She also had her boyfriend with her.

Soon after, She faced her best friend, and the name of the relationship is to be ended. They said that they have “watered-down” of the allegations, but later got in touch with her family and friends, but to insist upon it, that he had “changed” and ask for advice on how to get her back to win, according to The Sun.


The curved model has since said that she was not fooled by his efforts, but points out that they will never get it back.

“I feel empowered and strong,” she said. “Sorry, I can’t say that I’ve never been in a proper relationship or have a partner, because I love you too much and give up too easily, and needs. But now that I know how stiff I really am, and how strong and beautiful I am.”


A word of advice to those who have their hearts broken by a cheating partners, She stressed the importance of not blaming yourself, and in the remaining patient as you heal.

“Oh, please, know that this is not your fault, and that’s not because of you,” she advised. “Cheaters are that way because of their own insecurities and need for fulfillment in the form of other people.”

“It’s not your fault, it never was and never will be. They say time heals all, and it’s true.”


In related news, an NFL Network reporter, recently announced that they have discovered her now ex-boyfriend cheating, as were physical activity levels in a mysterious way, with the spikes in his Track machine, in the early hours of the morning.

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