Instagram influencer to defend her with a large family, and calls of racism

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As a proud mother, and Instagram influencer was recently shut down by the critics, who have reportedly asked her to have a large, growing family. The soon-to-be, a mother of five, said she felt compelled to speak out because the media often depict the parents ‘of color’ aren’t capable of raising a large family positive”, and her message has struck a chord online.

Last week, a blogger, Leslie Lewis, and shared her side of the story, with its 206,000 Instagram followers.

“So, I’m usually not available to the public to address the Negative Nancys and Pouty Paul, that there is a need to judge my choices in life. BUT there are a number of [people’s] own comments, and even having the nerve to give me the DM’s related to my pregnancy,” the pregnant woman said, ” it is to share a family photo of herself, her husband and their four children.


“”I just thought that y’all had made it?’ “How can y’all afford a 5?'” Lewis claimed her critics were asked.

“Look here!!! I’m a married ADULT! I’ve got a baby’s daddy,” she explained. Lewis stated that she did not intend to offend anyone, and in any other situation, but pointed out that it is frustrating to often have to be spammed up with personal questions about birth control, and so on.

“On a positive note, I feel super blessed that Joe and I have been working (very hard) – we are a parental UNIT, and we are working hard to raise good people,” she concluded.

The Fans are largely to be welcomed in Lewis’ honesty and thanked her for being so candid.

“You have a beautiful family, and on the size of your family, it is nobody else’s business as long as God gives you a blessing, and it means,” one commentator wrote.


“That’s good for you! Sometimes, ignoring people is not the answer… sometimes we have to defend ourselves and the people around them.” the other agreed.

“Congratulations on your fifth baby is a blessing! I just want you to know that white people get criticized for having a lot of children,” to the one offered to you. “I’ve got six of the men have been said to be the most incredibly rude things TO MY FACE. I don’t have a platform like you have to do in order to try and affect a change, but I’m so glad that people like you stand up and take charge of the issues that people have had no issues with the weight on it!! Best of luck with your delivery!”

Lewis has since revealed that she was inspired to fold it back upon receipt of the highly offensive posts on a social media troll, who was supposed to be in the assistance to afford her a large loaf of bread, in a simple Lifestyle reports.

“It’s not… common practice, even in this day, and for the media to make families of color in the state on the raising of a large family in a positive way,” she said. “In fact, the working families of color have historically been large in size, usually with more than three children.”


Moving forward, the proud mom hopes other parents to speak out and stand up for their families, no matter how big or small they may be.

“I have learned how to use my platform to raise families, and women of color, and the use of criticism as fuel to meet and exceed my personal and family goals!” Lewis, he said.

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