Instagram few defends ‘silly’ pictures on the move of the train: ‘We would never risk our lives”

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A Instagram few that received backlash over taking a photo outside of a moving train car has championed, the module, the so-called “dumb” by social media users, as “not dangerous,” claims they did research on the occurrence of any fatal flaws.

Influencers, Jean and Camille, of the BackpackDiariez Instagram handle, have been criticized for a photo of the couple moving to the side of the blue train while leaning out for a risky kiss. The couple were on a trip to Ella, Sri Lanka, and reportedly took the photo, while the train would move along a bridge through the dense trees.


Influencers, Jean and Camille, of the BackpackDiariez Instagram handle, was photographed gripping on the side of a blue train while leaning out for a risky kiss in Sri Lanka.

The Brussels-based couple captioned the shot, “One of our wildest kisses” and posted it to their joint travel-themed Instagram page.

As soon as the photo, allegedly taken by Jean’s brother, was placed, the couple was slammed on social media for the precarious position.

“Are you really ready to die for a pic ????????” it was a comment under many chastising the pair.

However, the couple is speaking out and insisting the photo is not as risky as it seems.

“This train is very famous in Sri Lanka, and we had seen many photos on social media of people hanging from the doors, so we knew that we wanted to try this and prepare in advance,” Camille wrote in an e-mail to The Cut.


Camille claims that the two researched what time of the day and which side of the train to take the picture before the photo shoot.

“When we took the picture, the train is moving with a speed of walk and the edge was not deep,” she said. “We would never risk our lives or our health to get a good picture. We care too much for each other.”

Camille mentioned in the e-mail to The Cut that the photo shoot lasted for an hour and Jean’s brother has more than 500 photos — although they are not clear if the train was in motion at the running speed during the entire 60 minutes.

Camille and Jean are just one in a long line of influencers, get called out for taking seemingly dangerous shots.

Influencers Raquel and Miguel, from Portugal, were the so-called “irresponsible” by fans for posting a similar daring shot and video of them hanging outside of the Sri Lanka train to their 200,000 followers on the social media platform.

The two responded to the criticism with a similar defense, claiming the train was “moving super slow” and said they “respect everyone’s opinion, but it is not risky.”


Some have also claimed that the photos are Photoshopped, calling the images fake. However, both sets of influencers had uploaded videos of them preparing for the shoots in their Instagram stories, and have not responded that the photos were in any way doctored.

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