Inspectorate for Health warns Westfriesgasthuis

Inspectorate for Health warns Westfriesgasthuis

The Inspection for Health care (health care inspectorate) has the Westfriesgasthuis in Hoorn, a warning is given. The hospital let the service drop the ball in the purchase and use of medical equipment and get half a year time to solve the problems.

The LAWYER brought the beginning of June unannounced visit to the hospital, that it was a pending alert (‘prompt’) is received. As it turned out, inter alia, that the procedures for the purchase of medical technology “incoherent and incomplete”, reported the inspection in a Monday report published.

“In the aanschafdossiers are missing for patient safety, essential components, including a risk analysis prior to application of medical technology”, concluded the researchers. It further showed the hospital is not good to keep track of which employees had jurisdiction to decide certain types of equipment to use.

The inspection also affected equipment to which “by means of a sticker was known that the maintenance had expired.” The staff, however, would not have intervened. Also, there was internal little insight into the maintenance status of various devices.


The hospital is in accordance with the UK “long-term defaulting to'” the Westfriesgasthuis did not meet the so-called Covenant Safe application of medical technology in the medical specialist care. “This was after 1 January 2016, however, the case should be,” according to the inspection. The hospital has already prepared an action plan to get their house in order.

The Westfriesgasthuis is emphasized in a comment directly to the battle to be lost with the improvements. “We are working on. Since the beginning of June’,” says a spokeswoman, who stressed that there are “no emergencies have been where this has played a role” or that it in connection can be brought. “Our people are just skilled. The technology is good,” says the zegsvrouw.

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