Inspection is broken off study, AMC for advanced, metastasized cholangiocarcinoma research

The Health care Inspectorate and Youth (IGJ) is a study of the Amsterdam University Center, AMC to advanced, metastasized cholangiocarcinoma investigate.

This confirms the IGJ Tuesday after the announcements by the AD.

The study was 2016 discontinued after fourteen people in the study had died. During the AMC study, there was an unexpectedly large difference in the mortality rates of two patiëntgroepen. After analysis it was found that most patients are not died due to the complications of the surgery, but that will now be examined.

In the AMC study, two existing methods for the removal of bile compared with each other. One method was the gal with a drain through the skin and the liver removed, the other was the bile through a tube through the mouth removed.

Halfway through the study appeared in the first group of eleven people to have died and with the second group of three. Because the cause of this large difference was not clear, stopped the AMC with the study.

Report public because of social unrest

Following a publication on the issue by the CCMO, the organization that oversees medical-scientific research with people, the IGJ two missions brought to the AMC. This is a report written.

“Normally, we make reports as a result of incidententoezicht not public, but given the social unrest which this incident has caused, we do that now,” according to an IGJ-spokesman. “We strive to publish it in January.”

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