Influence of Drugs

Influence of Drugs

Besides affecting ones health, drugs can actually destroy a family. Quite often, we hear of how men physically abuse their wives and children under the influence of drugs and how families are in debt due to someone’s drug addiction. Families are built on certain values, but drugs can cripple someone mentally and make them end up displaying irresponsible and erratic behavior.

Influence of drugs:

Health Constraints: Drugs can lead to a host of diseases like cancer, strokes, cardiac arrest, depression and high-blood pressure. In some situations, the lack of treatment can even result in death. The family members of an addict can also experience health issues, which are known as intoxication emotion. The family members of a drug addict experience social anxiety, guilt and shame. They might also suffer from insomnia and depression. The children of an addict suffer the worst because they are denied love and care when they need it most. This could make them develop negative perceptions and make them ambivalent and more vulnerable to drug abuse.

Economic Impact: Drug addiction can cause financial problems. Instead of dealing with more important issues like their child’s education, drug addicts end up squandering their money on drugs. Addiction to drugs can interfere with one’s ability to work and prevent them from advancing in their professional lives. In worst-case scenarios, drugs may cause loss of employment. It becomes difficult to earn and sustain the family. Abusers can even begin stealing money to be able to satisfy their craving for drugs. Drug addiction causes various health issues and the money spent on hospitalization and treatment can have an economic impact on the family.

Criminal Activities: Drug addicts are a lot more vulnerable to indulging in criminal activities as compared to other people. When an addict does not get the money to buy drugs, he could indulge in violence, robbery or other criminal activities to satisfy his needs. Such activities can land an addict in jail, which again can impact the family.

Drugs can impact one’s judgment and reasoning, prevent them from thinking rationally and spoil one’s family life. The lack of communication with family and friends can make an addict feel lonely and depressed. However, it’s never too late to quit and make a comeback. Fortunately, there are many community centers where drug addicts can be rehabilitated.

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