‘Inflammation in bone marrow predicts risk of leukemia’

‘Inflammation in bone marrow predicts risk of leukemia’

Photo: Batenburg

An inflammation in the bone marrow can indicate that someone is at risk for leukemia. That have researchers from the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, detected.

It sheds new light on the relationship between inflammation and cancer, they think. The results are published Friday in the scientific journal Cell Stem Cell.

Inflammation in so-called steuncellen can lead to genetic damage in stem cells and thus contribute to malignant transformation of a tissue. “The unraveling creates, in the long term that such an increased risk of leukemia to be better predicted.”

In the longer term the development of leukemia in a patient delayed or even prevented.

“It is important to note that these findings translate to improvements in patient care through research with larger numbers of patients,” according to my hematologist Marc Raaijmakers.

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