Infections with mumps in Utrecht, a student identified

In several of the dormitories in the city of Utrecht over the past few weeks, the infection with the mumps were detected. According to the municipal health service Utrecht, the mumps virus itself within the houses scattered.

Mumps is an infectious disease that is caused by the mumps virus. Generally starts the illness with flu-like symptoms, followed by inflammation of the salivary glands, which is a swelling of the cheek or neck can give.

In most cases, the patients after a week will be fully restored, but in some cases, complications can occur, including damage or teelbalontsteking.

As yet there is no link found between the patients in the various halls of residence or a link with a study, activity, or certain association.

Most of the infected students had been vaccinated

The municipal health service Utrecht to let you know that the majority of infected students be vaccinated. “It is well known that a part of the young adults, the protection of the vaccination against mumps is diminishing. However, vaccinated people are better protected against complications.”

The GGD advises students and employees of educational institutions that are not or not fully vaccinated will still be able to be vaccinated.

A rural virusexpert reports when requested to that there is in other parts of the Netherlands no infections have been established.

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