Infected, the NBA star, Gobert is offering excuses for the spot with the feline corona virus

NBA star Rudy Gobert has a Thursday evening, an apology for the way in which he has recently been in the spotlight his way with the corona virus. The basketball player from the Utah Jazz, and is now herself infected.

Gobert that gave birth to the beginning of the week, look at the end of a press conference with all the microphones and the recording devices of journalists to reach out and touch that he showed in the wake of the COVID-19-the virus does not appear to be determined to take seriously.

The CONFERENCE was Thursday – two days after the incident is well – known that the season is until further notice, it will be shut down, because a player from Utah Jazz and to be infected was a hit with the feline corona virus. It soon became clear that it was precisely in order to Gobert is going.

“Ever since I have been diagnosed with the corona virus, there are a lot of emotions through my mind, in particular fear and shame,” writes the Frenchman, who is now on Instagram. “First of all, I want to publicly apologize because I may have other people are in danger and have to be charged. At that time, I had no idea that I was infected.”

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“I hope it applies to my story as a warning

In the United States, with more than 1,600 people, the COVID-a 19-a virus among the members. The President, Donald Trump has announced that the USA, from Friday at midnight until the 31st of march, not the people of Europe are more likely to allow it, as well as the American sports world is affected by it.

In addition to the NBA and also the American soccer league and MLS ijshockeycompetitie NHL’s tentative, quiet. Gobert is aware that he is from the very first time, respectful, had to deal with the situation.

“I was reckless, and there’s no excuse for that,” he acknowledged. “I hope it applies to my story as a warning. Everyone needs to take this seriously. I’ll do what I can to use my experience to help others and to teach them. I am being well taken care of and will have a full recovery.”

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The corona virus is in the short

  • The virus is spread mainly through the coughs and niesdruppeltjes that are in the air.
  • An infected person is infecting on average two to three other people. This number can be decreased with proper safety precautions.
  • The vast majority of patients have mild (flu-like) symptoms.
  • Almost all the deaths involve elderly or already ill people. With the precautions that you can, these people are protected.
  • Click here to read ” what are the main precautions to be.

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